CSSA Academics Offerings and Curriculum

Academic offerings
I. BS, MS, EdD Degree Program Specialty Area
ii. Continuing Education Units
iii.Community Education

I. Center for Social-Spiritual Activism (CSSA) and
The Western Institute for Social Research (WISR): BS, MS and EdD

Degree Specialization in Social-Spiritual Activism

The Center for Social Spiritual Activism and the Western Institute for Social Research are
collaborating to offer a unique academic specialization in Social-Spiritual Activism to students
enrolled in any of its academic BS, MS and Doctoral programs.
WISR provides academic administration, program and curricular structure, teaching of WISR
required core courses and oversight, review and assessment of courses, seminars and other
learning options developed and taught by CSSA faculty to provide ‘Specialty Area’ learning by
WISR students.

CSSA provides
 Specialty Area curriculum offerings
 provides faculty/mentors for WISR SPECIALTY AREA teaching, research,
thesis/dissertation committee
 Community Practicum, Internship and Action research sites/projects
 academic and community partners
 provide for a Co-curriculum of Lectures, Events & Films,
 provides for student Career/Activist-Calling Planning & Development
Outline of Basic Format of earning a WISR Degree (BS, MS, EdD) with a Specialization in Social-Spiritual Activism in any of WISR’S programs (See WISR website http://www.wisr.edu or online catalogue for complete description.

Each program has a required number of academic units which are fulfilled by students by completing the following components:
1. Required WISR Program Core Courses.
a. Each of the required courses will have some assigned readings designed
to give the student an overview of key ideas and issues in that area. In
addition, there will be some recommended readings, and the learner will
be asked to write a brief essay or two to discuss their most important

thoughts and insights from the readings. This will constitute about 30% of
the course.
b. The second element of student study in the WISR Core Courses is the assigned
reading/evaluation provided by Social-Spiritual Activism faculty (~35% of the
c. The third phase of the student’s studies in each course (~35%) grows out
of the student’s special interest in Social Spiritual Activism , resulting in an
individually designed project (research and/or action) that focuses both on
a topic of strong interest to the student and on some topics addressed in
the particular course. The student will write a substantial paper growing
out of the project, and will do a personalized self-assessment that
describes and self-assesses the student’s learning in the course.


2. Required Core Course in Social-Spiritual Activism: Each student pursuing a     Specialization Area in Social-Spiritual Activism must successfully this 15 week S-SA Core   Course.

3. BS, MS Thesis or EdD Dissertation: Each WISR program has a thesis or dissertation
requirement. A student seeking a degree with a Specialization in Social-Spiritual
Activism conducts this element with guidance and evaluation by a three member Thesis
or Dissertation Committee of which two are Social Spiritual Activism faculty.

II. CONTINUING EDUCATION UNITS: Continuing Education Units are available
through WISR to’s (MFTs, LPCCs, LCSWs and
RNs’S) and possibly more CME’s through collaboration with other institutions. ;

III. Community Education: CSSA Courses are open to the community for a small fee.

for more information contact: social.spiritual@activist.com