May 30 CSSA Seminar Salon with Law Professor Rhonda Magee JD

CSSA 2018 Salons

Next Salon: Wednesday May 30, 2018 11 am – 1 pm PST

Spring 2018 Series  2930 Shattuck Avenue Suite 300 Berkeley CA and Online via Zoom Web Conferencing (see below):


Lunch Provided Onsite, or Join us via web conference

Free, all are welcome

Join us Wednesday May 9 from 11 am – 1 pm for our next CSSA Salon Series Presentation.

Contemplative Pedagogy: Race, Law and Mindfulness with Law Professor Rhonda Magee and CSSA Founders Peter Gabel and Michael McAvoy

Contemplative Pedagogy: De-Biasing Educational Environments
Understanding Race & Law Through Mindfulness

Wednesday May 30th with Rhonda Magee JD, Peter Gabel and Michael McAvoy

Free, open to the public and lunch is provided
11 am – 1 pm PST

or online
Log on:
Or call 408-740-3766, 646-876-9923
or 669-900-6833; Meeting ID: 576 505 422

The Way of ColorInsight: Understanding Race and Law Effectively
Through Mindfulness-Based ColorInsight Practices

(Georgetown Law Journal of Modern Critical Race Perspectives, Spring 2016)
By Rhonda V. Magee
Despite much good effort to the contrary, reports from a wide variety of fields and locations serve daily to remind us that race still matters in America. To many legal scholars,these reports are not only not news but they suggest work that must be done within the legal academy to minimize racial bias within contemporary law. For example, in his groundbreaking Article, Trojan Horses of Race, Jerry Kang highlighted the research identifying and confirming
implicit bias as a pervasive cognitive, interpersonal dynamic, and placed on the research agenda that should follow this revelation scholarship by law professors examining “teaching strategies,”
as well as “debiasing programs, and [educational] environments.”

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