postponed- Order of the Sacred Earth

due to family emergency, Jennifer Lustig’s presentation will be postponed until further notice. Thank you. 

Order of the Sacred Earth : Moral Dimensions of Ecological Challenges with Jennifer Listug Berit 


Lunch Provided Onsite, or Join online us via web conference

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Join us Wednesday May 9 from 11 am – 1 pm for our next CSSA Salon Series Presentation.

Special guest Jennifer Listug Berit shares the vision of The Order of the Sacred Earth, which came to Matthew Fox and Skylar Wilson through parallel and intertwining dreams: dreams of the Earth’s need, of the necessity for spiritual activism and the power of community. As they shared these dreams with others, they met a swell of resonance and support.

May 9 Order of the Sacred Earth: Moral Dimensions of Ecological Challenges with Jennifer Listug Berit

In the voices of Earth, Air, Fire, Water, and Spirit, the Planet cries out for defenders.


Earthquakes. Hurricanes. Wildfires. Drought. Climate Change. Terrorism. Genocide. Economic collapse. Governmental corruption. In the past year alone, historic natural and human-made disasters have devastated nations on nearly every continent of the Earth, our home.


We don’t need to tell you this. The question is – How do you respond?


Some sink into despair. Some are paralyzed by fear, or lash out in anger or violence. But many of us work to keep life, love, and hope alive, individually and within our communities and organizations. The organizations doing “the Great Work” today number in the hundreds of thousands around the world, working fiercely to save ecosystems, species, human lives, human rights, and human cultures against the rising tide of destruction.


But where can we as defenders of the People and the Planet go to rally together and support one another in carrying on the vital activism our world so desperately needs? Where can we go to replenish our spirits, find our roots, tap into the common ground that connects us all as human and spiritual beings, beyond the artificial divisions of race, gender, creed, cause, or nationality? Where can we go deeper within our own souls, and within the genius of our species, to rediscover what Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. called “the beloved community?”


This is where the Order of the Sacred Earth fits in.


Who We Are


We, Matthew Fox, a 76-year-old elder, activist and spiritual theologian, along with Skylar Wilson, a 33-year-old wilderness and meditation guide who leads inter-cultural ceremonies, and Jennifer Listug, a 28-year-old writer, spiritual leader, and publicist, are offering a challenge, an opportunity and a vision: The Order of the Sacred Earth (OSE).

The Order of the Sacred Earth is both a community and a movement, offering a new and vital point of connection and context for the many life-affirming movements of these times.


The Order is radically inclusive, welcoming people of all races, genders, nationalities, classes, and abilities in the shared mission of loving and defending the Earth, our home.


The Order is a co-creative, emergent community rooted in an interspiritual context that welcomes people of all faith traditions, and those following none.


The Order draws upon ancient wisdom traditions, reframing them for our time as a personal commitment to the planet and a global/local network of self-organizing communities.


Moving Beyond Outrage to United Activism


“If you’re not outraged, you’re not paying attention,” reads the popular bumpersticker – and it is easy to translate our personal outrage at the failures of leadership in every sector of society into loud, overt actions: protests and riots; social media flaming; inflammatory news stories.


But beneath that reflexive outrage lie the deeper values that drive the resistance movements of our day:

  • Compassion for all creatures and all life…
  • Revolutionary spirit of the movements of the 20th century: the Civil Rights, Women’s Rights, Gay Rights, Indigenous Rights, Environemental Movements, and more…
  • Scientific and spiritual movements of our time: deep ecology, consciousness studies, interfaith, creation spirituality and more.


All that is needed is a shared context to bring together the many life-affirming movements of our time, providing them with a powerful and unified voice. The Order of the Sacred Earth seeks to help form this shared context, and bring to blossom the revolution that is already seeded.


Why Is It The Order of the Sacred Earth?


The essence of OSE is a common vow we all will make: “I promise to be the best lover and defender of the Earth that I can be.”  Like the vows taken by monastic orders, this vow defines the principles through which we operate and the values we strive to fulfill.


We do not need a new religion, a new church, or another hierarchical institution, but we do feel it is time for a new spiritual movement and community. Many people identify at this time in history as “spiritual but not religious” or “liberal and not spiritual,” or “ecological and not spiritual.”


The Order of the Sacred Earth will welcome people of all spiritual traditions, and none, and will stand up for eco-justice and the sacredness of our home, the Earth. 


All spirituality involves practice: meditation, prayer or intention, ritual, and direct action. OSE particularly holds that our times require creative, inspired action arising from contemplative practice: the mystic and the spiritual warrior uniting to form the sacred activist.


OSE will offer opportunities to network with other individuals and organizations doing similar work, bringing likeminded activists together to develop a deeper spiritual context will be part of our shared work, through real-time, online, and in regional gatherings and perhaps in an annual gathering.


How Can You Get Involved?


The Order of the Sacred Earth is ready to launch! You can get involved in many ways:


  1. Visit our website to learn more at:
  2. Sign up for our mailing list on the website to stay connected and be informed of all future goings on.
  3. Donate to our cause. With a $25 donation you will receive a copy of the Special Edition of Order of the Sacred Earth, published by Monkfish Publishing.  If you are moved to donate more, we promise a transparent reporting of the use of funds—they are intended to support the launching and building up of the program including web pages and social media, correspondence, blogging, and events.
  4. Read the book and create study groups to discuss it.
  5. Take the vow to be the best lover and defender of the Earth that you can be.
  6. Join us, either as a vow-taker or as a supporter, online or in person at the inaugural event, the Winter Solstice this year, December 21. The event will take place in Berkeley, CA, and will be live-streamed on our website.
  7. Talk about the Order with others where you live and start up your own chapter of OSE and create your own ceremony on December 21st and live-stream with ours.
  8. Write to us, and share your story about what you do, and how you are cultivating change in your communities. Or, tell us about another community/organization who is participating in change-making.

Are you ready to answer the call and show up with other sacred activists as a lover and defender of the Earth?


With hope and expectation,
Matthew, Skylar, and Jennifer

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