How you can be a part of the Center for Social-Spiritual Activism and Creating a Just, Sacred and Sustainable World

SOCIAL SPIRITUAL ACTIVISM: Radical Ideas and Action for

This course is offered to students seeking a specialization in any existing WISR
program and wishing to have an Emphasis in Social Spiritual Activism. Faculty will present the history, theory and practice of Social Spiritual Activism organized around a framework of its elements that include:
• Consciousness Change: From Alienation to Mutual Recognition, a Politics of
Affection and Making an ‘Option for the Poor’
• Personal and Social Healing/Moral & Activist Development
• Holding Actions: ‘Resilience’, Radical Reform, Non-violent Resistance and
Spiritualized Social Policy
• Creation of ‘Pre-figurative’ Just, Sacred & Sustainable Alternatives
• Building a Social Movement towards a ‘Parallel Universe’
• Manifesting the ‘Beloved Community (-ies)’

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